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Charmed Essential Gem Roll on. Available in 8 different gems. When you can’t carry or wear a gem use one of our essential gem roll ons!

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essentail gem essences roll on
candles 7 day

Chakra gem set with Selenite Crystal

Wood sculptures - made of chinaberry or magnolia wood.

Massage Gift Sets

Wood duck shelf sitter
Massage gift set
Three cats in a hot air balloon wood
1 Colorful Pendants collage
wood cat
greek eye soap
cowrie sheel rack

LARGE Selection of SMUDGE items! Resins, burners, charcoals, sticks

Chakra Gem Necklace

chakra gem necklace
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chakra kit

Individual Chakra Sets

Fossil shell bowls

Fossil Bowl

chakra incense
burner & cone set 2
smudge supplies and gift sets
Black stick burner jap style

Ceramic Ash Catcher

gemstone owls & eagle gemstone penguins
cat crow raven

Pewter Figures: wizards, dragons, fairies, and skulls

pewter w cat


Multi gem animals (penguins, owls, eagles, birds, duck, etc.

1 Chakra pyramid resized
crystal balls
yoga tarot
Sets & Kits under $20
rutilated pendulum
Dancing Skull People
1 chakra pendulum resized
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Faden crystals
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Agate & Carnelian RINGS

Q & E ft card display sm
time capsule fossil necklace
Carnelian & Agate Rings

Sterling Silver Wizard pendant (hidden bail) with Moldavite crystal

sterling silver wizard holding moldavite
moldavite wizard sterling silver
Circle Shell Pendant
green tree box

Why Carry Gems When You Can Wear Them?

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Prehiinte with website


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Fossil Pyramid Container

Fossil pyramid container

Victoria’s Custom Wrapped Pendants. Choose a Gemstone base and talk with Victoria and she will add adornment stones for what you need. Each piece is unique and personalized to you. The perfect Gift.

Yes you can have it all - good luck, healing, prosperity, and clarity of mind

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Psychic Exploration Pendant with Enhancement & Past Life Recall

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