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Mercury Goes Retrograde (Takes a Break)


Have things begun moving in the wrong direction? Are your plans dust in the wind? On April 9th 2017 , Mercury the planet that tackles all of the mundane little things we all count on working smoothly, went on vacation. What does that mean and when will he return? The planet known for speed even takes speedy vacations. He will go direct on May 3rd 2017.

Is it Bad Luck or Just Mercury on Vacation? The following are common mercury in retrograde occurrences:

* Mechanical Problems (cars, machines, electronics)

* Late to meetings and planned events

* Scattered Energy -Mental fog

* Mistakes and Errors (misspellings, forgotten signatures, etc)

Although it is not uncommon to stress during his breaks, there is no need to panic. Simply make sure you give yourself extra time when making plans or going to important appointments. Give your “need to do lists” a second look, and if you have to sign any important contracts read it over several times for simple errors or omitions. Have a friend double check your work. It is also not uncommon for mechanical items to go a bit fritzy during this time, so if your car is sounding a bit strange be sure to have it looked over.

Use this time constructively to take a look at your own schedule. Give yourself space, take a breather, and reevaluate how important all your actions are. Do you make time for yourself to relax and enjoy life? You can accomplish more when you give yourself needed breaks to recharge and clear your mind. If you need a bit of help working through this transit Charmed in Company has Mercury in retrograde oil and plenty of gems and tools to help you out.