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  • Its summer, the days are long and most of us have more free time on our hands. When thinking of your next get together, why not incorporate the moon's energy? This article will be on activities to capture the essence of moon energy and incorporate it in a party atmosphere. The moon is associated with dreams, showing the softer side of situations, emotions, and intuitive activity. Below are some suggestions to incorporate the allure of the moon at your next party.


    Smudging (incense burning requiring a heat source to remain lit) is a great way to set the mood and clear energy. It creates a dramatic flare and will help your guests relax. You can use a smudge stick or  use the charcoal and burner method (this way is more dramatic and versatile). If you use a smudge stick you light the end, let it catch and then smolder, wave the stick to keep it lit. If you choose the charcoal method, place charcoal in a heat safe burner and light. Blow on charcoal until it is all ash colored. Then add resins or blends to it to emit smoke. You may wish to try the Charmed blend (clearing, harmonizing, & spiritual), Kasandra’s blend (intuitive energy), or the Charmed Moonlight blend..  You can also add the blend to a fire pit and omit the charcoal, just keep in mind the resins can become sticky so be sure to throw on the wood not the pit.

    Smudge the area you are having the party in by starting at the furthest corner and working your way around the perimeter until you reach where you started. Let the smoke billow upwards and visualize the area in a white or silver light.

    Now smudge each of your guests or have them smudge each other. Cover their entire energy field with the smoke, front and back, including their palms. This usually feels great as it clears the person of daily stresses and pressures.

    Dream Wands Charged by Moonlight

    You will need either a clear quartz crystal point or wand  for each party guest. Have each guest hold their wand between there palms and focus on a question they wish to be answered or a general topic such as love, money, luck, etc. Have them hold their wand in their right hand and point it at the center of the moon. Have them visualize the moonlight traveling down their wand and charging with moonlight. The length of time required depends on the person’s ability to visualize the moon energy charging the wand. This should not be rushed. When their wands are charged, label them or place them in an area where they will not be disturbed. Tell your quests to place their crystal or wand under their pillow each night for at least one week and record their dreams or impressions upon waking. They will reveal clues and answers to the questions. You may wish to have another get together to talk about experiences!

    Moonstruck Game

    Version 1 - Have your guests write three words of any activity that happens under a full moon, write their name on the back, fold the paper and exchange them with another guest. Before reading, try to guess what the other person has written. Give a point to the person who correctly guesses the most responses.

    Version 2 - instead of exchanging them with another person the host gathers up all of the responses and reads them. You receive points every time someone matches your response.

    Version 3 - write out an activity where the moon influenced you, fold it, and hand it to the host. After the host mixes them up he/she reads each one and every one has to guess whose it is. Every incorrect guess gives the writer 1 point; every correct guess gives the guesser one point.

    Prizes can be themed for psychic or intuitive activity such as an amethyst or citrine crystal, a charmed in company's fortune telling die, a smudging kit, charmed psychic oil, etc.

    Feel free to improvise or expand on the concepts given and enjoy your fanciful, fun, and intuitive energies under the moonlight.


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Copyright 2007 Victoria Chasmar You may share this article for non commercial purposes as long as you keep it in tact (blog name, my full name,  website and contact information remain on it), and you do not store it on any system.


You may share this article for non commercial purposes as long as you keep it in tact (blog name, my full name,  website and contact information remain on it, and you


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