Tarot Cards & Oracles

Charmed in Company has a large assortment of tarot and fortune telling decks. We carry many display decks. The list of decks below are just some of the decks we stock. E-mail us at shoppe@charmedincompany.com  or call if you don’t see the deck you are looking for as we have many decks that are not on our web site. We also carry several out of print sets and decks











A popular deck. The pictures are medieval in appearance. Faces of the people cards are muted allowing one to use their intuitive ability to read faces. Kasandra’s favorite deck.



John Dee Oracle

This oracle combines the knowledge and life of John Dee (Elizabethan Advisor and channel of the Angelic Alphabet) with other famous historic figures. It offers guidance, advice, and enlightenment. Each card has a unique perspective and further guidance may be obtained from Angelic sources.  Comes with detailed 112 page book, 1 talisman spread sheet, and 28 oracle cards.



Radiant Rider Tarot

A vibrantly colored version of the popular Rider Tarot deck.



Magical Menagerie

Drawing wisdom from the ancient Greek and Celtic Oracles, the magical menagerie is a mythical and current animal based system of divination that forms a bridge between ancient tradition and modern life. Set includes book, cards, and drawstring bag. Detailed 153 pg book includes upright and reversed meanings, direction, time, and spreads..



Camelot Oracle

Follow the paths of Camelot to answer questions and gain wisdom. Explore inner realms and take a journey into life. Find your champion and uncover your challenger for each chosen path. Set comes with 128 pg book, 40 cards, illustrated fold out map







Hanson Roberts

This deck is smaller than your traditional tarot, about the size of a deck of playing cards, so shuffling is easy. A personal favorite of Victoria. Following a rider format in imagery, the vibration of this deck and its subtle shades, softens some of the harsher cards. An excellent beginners deck.



Quick & Easy Fortune Telling Cards

Tell Fortunes Today! Each card has a key central image that will have you instantly grasping the meaning. Key words on the bottom will aid you. Like reading a book each card will connect to the card next to it forming a picture of the future. Includes several spreads for different types of questions.



Navigators of the Mystic Sea Tarot

Based on the Golden Dawn foundation of the Cabala. This deck can be used as a divination tool, or used as a teaching and meditative path for self-knowledge. A key word is found on the top of each card and the booklet  contains a paragraph on the meaning of each card







Tarot for Everyone Set (rider based)

A rider based deck with  images have been drawn using slightly different shading and subtle changes in each card. Set comes with drawstring bag, 78 card tarot deck, and detailed instruction book with a variety of spreads. Excellent for a beginner or anyone with an interest in the tarot.



LeGrande Circus Tarot

Illustrated in bravara style of vintage circus posters. Each card captures the life of the circus in a vibrant,  larger than life imagery.



Hobbit Tarot

Faithful to the Hobbit, the imagery on this deck is stunning. Looking at each picture will transport its viewer to Middle Earth. The booklet is detailed and explains the scene from the Hobbit that is depicted in each card and how it relates to the traditional tarot symbolism.



Tapestry Tarot

This deck was created as full size tapestry and then photographed to create the unique deck of the tapestry tarot. Oversized cards capture the energy of each picture. Included on each card are key words and astrological influences. Detailed booklet is included. No box, comes in a velveteen tarot bag. Collector Set



Ship Of Fools Tarot Set

Follow the fool’s journey through each card in this tarot set. Card and book set is a collector set and is out of print.



Rider Waite

One of the most widely recognized decks. Some believe this is the only true tarot. Although most modern decks have used images from the Rider as an offshoot for their decks, tarot has existed prior to the Rider deck. This deck has a familiarity that many first time readers will find easier to learn.



Lord of the Rings

A card game as well as a tarot deck. This set comes complete with tarot cards, book, and layout sheet. Beautiful artwork will have you entering Middle Earth and reliving the epic story .



Goddess Tarot

As rich in symbolism as it is in beauty, the 78 card pocket goddess tarot deck is an instrument for personal growth and an essential tool of empowerment and transformation for women everywhere. Capturing the goddess energy from cultures around the world this is a beautifully feminine deck. Learn about each goddess that is depicted on the card as well as the traditional tarot meaning. Booklet includes spread, card meanings, and Goddess insight. Traditional cards reflect a rider influence making it an easy deck for a beginner to read.



Karma Tarot

A dynamic, bold, symbolic deck that is sure to stimulate new perspectives.



Sacred Geometry Oracle

Everything in the world can be reduced to a few basic shapes. Learn what sacred geometry is and how understanding it can help in every aspect of your life. The author takes the reader from very basic and simple to follow concepts and expands on them gradually so that a novice can learn to work with these cards. Lay out spreads for detailed messages or just select a card, look up the page and instantly receive your message.



Whimsical Tarot

A delightful deck based on children's fairy tales, stories, fables, and myths. This deck will appeal to young and old alike and is sized to fit most hands for ease of shuffling.



Flowers of Love Oracle

Love Oracle Set. Includes 48 page booklet, spreads, and meanings associated with each flower. 36 card deck depicts flower, flower name, and meaning on each card. A practical guide for romantic situations for ever circumstance of love.



Gentle Wisdom of the Fairy Realm

Winged fairies are depicted on each card with accompany flower or natural element. Key word on each card gives instant insight. Colorful book will give a more in depth message. Out of print collectors deck.



Undersea Tarot

Explore tarots hidden treasures in the fantastic world beneath the sea. Although sea based, the images are traditional enough that the meaning can easily understood.



Alchemy Gothic Cards

Beautifully illustrated playing card decks contain Gothic images such as dragons, wolves, skulls, angels, knights, etc. Each card has a named description of the image such as The bride of the dark kiss, the green skull, the scryer, the fire of the sages, immortal beloved, etc. Two distinct collector decks in a dragon sealed storage tin.. Very good quality cards, coated for durability and ease of use.



Yoga Tarot Set

A wonderful voyage for greater awareness winds through the 22 major arcana, which symbolize the most important stages for the Yogi. The 56 minor arcana represent the four types of yoga and the four centers of man. Set includes 78 tarot cards, velvet embroidered tarot bag, and instruction booklet.







Egyptian Oracle Cards

Learn the Egyptian Gods and seek their guidance in this easy to learn set. Book explains both upright and reversed card meanings. Includes cards & book. Collector set, out of print.