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From Palm ,Card, and Aura readings to Herbs, Books, Oils, Candles, and Incense, Charmed in Company has what you are looking for. We offer a wide assortment of Unique Items, Gifts, Sterling Silver Jewelry , and Supplies. We carry items for Healers & Healing as well as supplies for Magic, and offer diverse items from around the world.

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Some Reasons to Shop Charmed

* Products are backed with knowledge! You will get to know the meaning       behind your purchase.

* Truly Unique Items

* We custom blend oils for specific purposes

* Wide selection of services (Classes, Readings, Aura Photos, etc)

* Over 100 herbs, roots, and resins

* Hand selected sterling silver jewelry (many with gemstones)

*  Tarot & Divinatory Decks & Sets

* Aromatherapy Incense

* 100 of Gemstones

* Candles 

* Exclusive Gift Items, Sets, & Kits

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